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demo CD

Hi everyone!
We`ve made a demo CD. Yeeey!

Some tehnical info:

The design & drawings are made by Gundega Legzdina.
Photo by Ansis Starks.
The band - Karlis Jirgens, Gundega Legzdina, Rasa Roze, Ieva Tentere, Aivars Jekabs Zarins.

1st song - Dveseles dzimsana (Creation of the Soul) - voice Aivars, karatal - Gundega, mix - Karlis. Intro song.
2nd - Andi (The Song of Montains) - 1st kokle - Karlis, 2nd kokle - Aivars, voice - Ieva, djembe - Aivars, mix - Karlis. The song was made while Aivars & Karlis were playing on streets in OldRiga.
3rd - Dudas (Str eet Bagpiper) - bagpipes - Aivars, mix - Karlis. The song contains ancient Latvian folk song motives.
4th - Teku teku (On My Way) - kokle, voice - Rasa, mix - Karlis. Ancient Latvian folk song.
5th - Mila Mara mezu gaja (Climbing the Sacred Mountain) - flute - Aivars, kokle - Karlis, drums - Gundega, voice - Rasa. Text made by Aivars, contains Latvian folk song motives.
6th - Andro (The Soul of Medieval) - bagpipes by Aivars, mix - Karlis. Medieval song.
7th - Tamaguna (The Dance of Shiva) - flute, mix - Karlis, drums - Gundega.
8th - Laiki (beat) - beatbox, jewsharp & mouthorgan by Anton Tkacenko, mix - Karlis.
9th - Milas Maras pagalma (Earth Spirit) - voice - Ieva, mix - Karlis. Ancient Latvian folk song.
10th - Majas (Back Home) - mandolina, mix - Karlis, drawing sound - Gundega. Outro.

The CD is an experiment of what can we do in one week before going to do busking in Amsterdam. The music we like is very different, the same is the demo album.

The song Mila Mara mezu gaja (Climbing the Sacred Mountain) is avaliable here to read in original - latvian - languge and also in english.

Mīļā Māra mežu gāja
Zelta zīle rociņā
Uzsagāja lielu kalnu
Lika zīli zemītē

Tur izauga ozoliņis
Sidrabiņa lapiņām
Svētu rītu Saule lēca
Ozoliņa zariņos.

Pelēks sēda akmentiņis
Diža lauka vidiņā
Melna čūska miltus mala
Uz akmeņa sēdēdam

Čūskai devu zelta zīli
Tā man zelta kukulīt
Tā man zelta kukulīt
Lai es varu kalnā kāpt.

In english: Dear Mara (Mara is a goddess of Earth in ancient latvian mythology) walked in forest, holding golden acorn in her hand. Walking in forest she found a big hill, she climbed it and in the top of the hill she put the acorn in the Earth. There a big oak tree grew, it had silver leaves & in sacred morning the Sun rises in its branches. Not far away from the oak tree thre is a big field, in the middle of it a grey stone lies. On the stone a black snake is sitting and grinds flour. One gives to the snake a golden acorn and the snake - in return - a golden loaf, so that the one could climb the hill.

How does the CD look?

You can order a CD by writing e-mail to us: soulpaths@gmail.com

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Hi! We are a band from Latvia called SoulPaths. It`s what came to us when we thought about what is happening to us in this life-journey.
There are a lot of paths in this life & it is allowed to walk them all. Each of us including you are walking his own path always looking for happiness aware about it or not. We have not found only one way & that`s why we are many path walkers. For now... Let`s walk for some minutes together?
Basically we are three friends: Rasa, Kārlis & Aivars. Usually in concerts, records or busking Gundega, Dainis or Ieva are present.
We all seek ourselves & try to understand the stranger inside of us.

The music we make always is letting something bigger & wiser to express Himself through us. And it sounds like bagpipes, flutes, kokles (kantele), vocals, different drums, jews-harp, didgeridoo etc. The melodies come from ancient Latvian songs, medieval songs and a lot of improvisation.

This blog is a beginning in our new way which allows bigger audience to hear & to discover us. It begins with our demo album which is all made by ourselves in home.
We hope the music which goes through us will fill your soul with joy, healing, maybe it will bring you useful self-contemplation.

Have a nice journey...

SoulPaths: Rasa, Gundega, Kārlis, Aivars, Ieva